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Membership Meeting: March 27, 2018

6:30 p.m. meeting, 6 p.m. social

Sugarloaf Firehouse

Open to the public

Speaker: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Superintendent Sarah Fangman

Pot Luck Social: March 8, 2018 

5-7 p.m.

Sugarloaf Lodge Tiki Bar

Members and prospective members only please

SSPOA Board 2018-19 

President                     Chuck Licis                            

Vice President            Cornelis Pameijer

Treasurer                    Michelle McCann

Secretary                    Linda Hannaford                         

Board Member           Tom Martin

Board Member           Stuart Schaffer (Public Policy)

Board Member           Mia Howe (newsletter)

Board Member           Jack Marchant (Social)

Board Member           Peter Reveno (Marine/Environ)


Membership Committee Chair - Cindy Urban

Beautification Committee Chair - Huguet Pameijer


Consider volunteering for the SSPOA Board or a committee. Board elections are held in February. Members can join committees at any time. You need not be a year-round resident. Board meetings are conducted monthly and snowbirds and travellers may join by phone.

Thank you for considering service to your community!


Sugarloaf Shores POA collects 14.5 tons of hurricane debris

A community cleanup day in Sugarloaf Shores on Feb. 3 collected 28,980 pounds of hurricane debris. The Sugarloaf Shores Property Owners Association organized the event in conjunction with Monroe County Public Works to concentrate on the island’s two main roads: Sugarloaf Blvd. and South Point Drive. Volunteers collected trash, construction materials and vegetative debris left over from the contracted post-Hurricane Irma debris sweeps. SSPOA, a voluntary organization, represents owners of more than 300 residences and properties on Lower Sugarloaf Key.

Sugarloaf Shores recovers from Category 4 Hurricane Irma

The eye of Hurricane Irma crossed directly over Lower Sugarloaf Key on the morning of Sept. 10, 2017, with winds estimated at 110-120 mph. The category 4 storm uprooted trees, tore off roofs and created up to 3 feet of surge. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported in Sugarloaf Shores.


Those who stayed were without electricity and water for many days. Residents were allowed to return to their homes on Sugarloaf on Sept. 17 with a guard at the entrance and a curfew in place. Upon return, most found electricity restored with water available a few days later. Waste Management resumed regular pickup relatively quickly. Internet and cable services stayed dark for many weeks. 


Recovery will take many months as homeowners battle with insurance companies and struggle to find contractors. Debris piles will likely continue into 2018 with the contract calling for 3 passes through our neighborhood. Please help maintain clear roadways by placing yard waste and trash in the proper piles for efficient pickup, and then, sweeping up debris left behind for placement in barrels. SSPOA will work with the county to repair landscaping once debris-hauling services have concluded. 


Further storm-related information can be found on Monroe County's website  

Deep injection well goes online at wastewater plant

The deep injection well at the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Plant is now operational following authorization from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Beginning Tuesday, May 31, 2017, flows were directed to the well. This marks the completion of the final phase of plant construction.

The Cudjoe Regional Central Wastewater System began with public meetings and design in 2008. Construction of the system began in 2013 and is now nearly complete. A few small neighborhood areas that were added to the project are left to finish. About half of the properties within the system have already connected.

Connections to the system are ongoing, with approximately half of the properties having connected to the system.

Completion of the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System also concludes the final major chapter in the decades-long, Keys-wide effort to complete the Monroe County Wastewater Master Plan and bring centralized wastewater treatment to the Florida Keys.

“It is my great pleasure to applaud my colleagues on the Monroe County Commission and our partner the FKAA for exhibiting stewardship and highest commitment to water quality by going beyond state minimum requirements,” stated Monroe County Mayor George Neugent.

“It has been an expensive and almost 20-year journey to provide central collection and the highest level of treatment to wastewater throughout the County. It will be a great day when all states require toxic and nutrient-ladened waters to be cleansed before being discharged into nearshore waters.”

Engineers present details for Sugarloaf Blvd. bridge replacement


The replacement for the Sugarloaf Blvd. bridge will be a wider, single-span structure free of support columns in the canal. At the March 29, 2016, SSPOA general membership meeting, Monroe County Director of Engineering Services Judith Clarke and representatives from Kisinger Campo and Associates outlined plans for the project requested in the fiscal 2017/18 budget.


Construction is expected to take nine-12 months, but could be done more quickly if the contractor agrees to working extended hours or if the county structures the contract to prioritize rapid completion. If county commissioners approve funding, construction could begin as early as fall 2017. One lane would remain open at all times with temporary signals regulating traffic flow similar to bridge work on Geiger Key in 2015.


Phased construction calls for the western portion of the bridge to be demolished first. As that side is rebuilt, additional curbing and a five-foot-wide hike/bike lane would be added as an extension of the current path.


The northside canal wall requires reconstruction to support the single-span bridge. Improved materials allow for a wider bridge of the same depth without the need for supports in the waterway. During demolition, a work barge would be positioned under the bridge, temporarily impeding, but not entirely shutting down access. During the remainder of the project, boats would be allowed clear passage. The new bridge would allow for a ten-foot vertical clearance based on median water level as surveyed last year including during the exceptionally high king tide. Additional sea-level rise considerations are not yet factored in at this early design stage.


Water and sewer pipes would be relocated at the beginning of the project and put back in place at the conclusion with disruption expected to be only an hour each time.


SSPOA will keep residents informed of developments via meetings, The Sugarloafer, Facebook, and emails. Please make sure your current email address is on file for these and other important updates. You can reach SSPOA at


For more information regarding the bridge replacement plans, contact Ms. Clarke at 305-295-4329 or

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